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General Data Protection Regulation


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There are 10 separate documents, which form the GDPR Toolkit

  • Gap Assessment

    • The output will highlight gaps between your current data protection practices and the requirements under GDPR


  • 2018 Data Protection Act Questionnaire

    • This questionnaire can be used to quickly find out how compliant your third party are


  • Third Party Information Security GDPR Questionnaire

    • Detailed approach which can be used to assess the level of compliance for larger organisations


  • Data Privacy Impact Assessment for Business Functions

    • A walkthrough of Data Privacy Categories and Privacy Management Activities, in order to demonstrate GDPR compliance. This document is written in alignment to the GDPR articles and can be used, following the Gap Assessment, to cross-reference specific requirements and detail within remediation planning


  • Scenario Exercise Data Breach

    • Exercises should be run on a regular basis, and target specific key risks which have been identified as required for mitigation.


  • Information Asset Register

    • An analysis of where your personally identifiable data resides within your organisation


  • Data Protection Policy

    • This is an outline policy which can be adapted for any organisation


  • Subject Access Request Policy

    • This policy contains the detail which can be followed during a subject access request


  • Data Flow Mapping Approach

    • This shows how you should carry our data mapping


  • Data Mapping Tool

    • The data map will determine what personal data your organisation holds, where personal data resides within the organisations day-to-day business and where DPIAs may need to be performed


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